About Me

FullSizeRender (2)My name is Kelly J. Larson, and I am an editor and writer who currently works as a technical writer/editor for Questar Assessment, Inc., a standardized testing company. I majored in journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have found my passion with the English language and helping others improve their writing.

One of my main roles at Questar is to create the technical report for each assessment program that describes the full life cycle of the assessment, including test design, development, administration, scoring, reporting, and analysis. I collaborate with subject matter experts across the company to make sure each chapter gets reviewed and updated by the appropriate resource groups. I also work daily with the psychometric and assessment development teams to create plans, reports, and presentations sent to clients.

As an editor, I work with a myriad of people on various kinds of written material to make their writing more concise and understandable. I keep the intended audience in mind while editing for correct grammar, consistent style, smooth transitions, and a clear thesis. I’m also an avid copy editor and proofreader.

As a writer, I create many different kinds of documentation such as data analysis reports, development and meeting plans, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, blog posts, white papers, and committee meeting handouts and reports. I employ clear organization in my work, including concise headings, introductions, and summaries.

Here are links to my resume and LinkedIn profile for more background information:

Writing samples are on the left menu (or at the top of this page if using a phone). Most of the work I do for Questar cannot be shared for proprietary and confidentiality reasons. However, I did provide a white paper (i.e., assessment brief) I wrote with psychometricians, as well as a how-to document I created after learning how to analyze open-ended responses from a survey when no one else at Questar knew how to do it.

I also included a brochure I created for a wedding venue and a letter of recommendation from a college teaching assistant.

Personal Info
Here are my top five strengths from StrengthsFinder 2.0[1]:

  1. Intellection: liking to think and needing mental activity
  2. Input: finding everything interesting and collecting information
  3. Achiever: having a constant need for achievement
  4. Positivity: looking for the positive in every situation
  5. Adaptability: responding willingly to the demands of the moment

I’m also good at communicating with others. Outside of work, my interests include reading, kayaking, running, hiking, baking, Jeeping, snowboarding, and going on water slides. I also edit whenever possible for family and friends, who often send me their resumes, cover letters, college essays, etc. for editorial help.

Thank you for visiting my website!


Kelly J. Larson


[1] Rath, T. (2007). StrengthsFinder 2.0. New York, NY: Gallup Press.

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